Important Information about cookies and Automatic Login:

Registration is more convenient with automatic login. We'll memorize your login information for you, so you can quickly and easily access the site without having to login.

 How automatic login works:
When you register for the first time or in the  "Remember me next time" area of the current user login area, your browser stores your login information on your computer. These stored pieces of information are called cookies. Each time you visit, we will read the login information stored on your computer and use it to log you in automatically.

Important issues to consider:
Automatic login makes it easier for you to access iCrank but please consider the following issues:

Browsers do not share cookies. For example, if you registered while using Netscape, but the next time you visit iCrank you're using MS Internet Explorer, you will need to login as a current user (login area on left side of pages) and make sure "Remember me" is checked to set an Internet Explorer cookie that will allow future automatic login.  Similarly if you initially registered using MS Internet Explorer you'll need to login the first time you use Netscape to access the site.

Not all browsers support cookies, however Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer versions 2.0 and higher do support cookies. If you are using an older browser, registering may result in an error message, or the next time you visit iCrank you'll find that you need to login.

We hope this information will help you understand automatic login.

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