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Design Processes
Links to sites providing knowledge about design approaches and philosophies such as quality function deployment.
Links to sites providing information on materials, including organizations formed around specific materials.
Reference Books
Choose from our library of the most needed engineering resources or search for a specific book.  Buy the the book you!
Links to our favorite continuing education sites that will help you spend your training budget for the year.
Technical Publications, Specifications and Codes
Learn the best ways to search and purchase publications from ASME, ANSI, API, NACE and many more.
Links to sites centered around specific manufacturing or component technologies.  Examples: sites offering diecasting design tips, a plastics designing guide and fastener knowledge.
Trade Magazines
An exhaustive compilation of the free engineering-oriented trade magazines that are available.
The rest of our links are combined on this page and include the following categories:
Industry-Specific Sites
Cultural / Social
Test / Measurement

Every CAD product site imagineable listed here, including web resources such as free data translations.
Every FEA product site imagineable listed here, including resources for enhancing your FEA knowledge.
A complete listing of free engineering software.
Technical Software
Links to sites supplying software (other than CAD/FEA) of interest to the engineer.  Examples: 3D Rendering, Statistical, Concept Generation, etc.

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