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Need to learn more about a specific mfg. process or category of components?   Check out our links below. MANUFACTURING AND COMPONENT TECHNOLOGY
  Power Transmission Component Technology
American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)
A wealth of gear information
Gear Technology magazine, plus links to gear machines, gear tooling, gear manufacturing and more!
Our mission is to make it fast and easy for buyers of power transmission components to find the right supplier for their needs
Pumps and pump systems information for water, other fluids, and more.

  Coating, Finishing & Corrosion Technology
Corrosion Information from Intercorr
corrosion, materials, engineering, selection, testing, software, research, data, glossary
Information, free software, socrates, predict, strategy, online-conference proceedings, discussion threads, lab reports, hot topics by experts, virtual classroom lessons, testing, environmental database on materials and corrosion related to oil and gas industry
The Hendrix Group
Corrosion, failure analysis and materials reference library.
National Metal Finish Resource Cemter
The complete metal finishers' resource including a full-text technical database, regulations, on-line conferences, a vendor database and much more
Trutec Industries

  Fastening and Joining Technology
3M Reclosable Fasteners
Guide to hook-loop, zipper technology, etc.
A guide to selecting the correct adhesive
American Welding Organization
Barrett Engineering Fastener Design Manual
Includes information about material selection and locking methods.
Bolt Science provides solutions to problems related to bolted joints
Fastener Facts from Unbrako
Riveting information
 STAPLA Ultrasonics Guide
An online handbook for ultrasonic welding
New assembly technology
TWI Job Knowledge on welding
Basic background information on welding processes, equipment, thermal cutting, health and safety, gouging, weldability, distortion, welding defects and more
Welding Tech Articles from Miller
Welding Dictionary from Miller
Welding Tech Articles from Lincoln
Patented Push-on Threads give a uniquely fast and easy connection

  Plastics Processing Technology
A guide that includes information on: snap fits, Design Considerations for Injection Molded Parts, Parting Lines, Draft Angles, Wall Thickness, Fillets and Radii, Bosses, Ribs, Opening Formations, Shrinkage, Gating, Vents, Potential Knit Lines.
Dupont Engineering Polymers
Top 10 design tips for plastic parts
Eastman Chemicals
Plastics Design Engineering Handbook
Gallagher Corp. - Urethane Design Guide
Details on how to design with Urethane - Injection Molding Design Guide
Quadrant engineering plastics (formerly DSM)
Plastics fabrication and machining guidelines in PDF:
Rotational molding process overview, design advantages, cost advantages
Snap-fit design guide: (from Honeywell)
A downloadable guide covering  all the aspects of designing snap fits.  GREAT DOWNLOAD.

  Metal Casting / Molding / Forging Processing Technology
Casting Process Comparison Chart
Various casting processes compared, from Southwest Custom Sales
Casting Source Directory
Technical articles contain information on all the casting processes...size ranges, tolerances, production advantages. Also, you will find reference data on metals and alloys that you can use to select the material that is best for your application.  Also provides a comprehensive supplier listing.
Die Casting FAQ from
Frequently asked questions about die casting, buying die cast parts, and designing die cast parts.
Die Casting Product Design FAQ from Chicago White Metal Casting
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by OEM Product Designers, Engineers and Specifiers on Die Cast Part Design, Production & Finishing
How Are Forgings Produced?
A thorough summary of the forging process.
Metal injection molding design guide
This is a complete design guide brought to you from Kinetics Inc.
Metal Powder Industries Federation
resource for powder metallurgy (P/M) and particulatematerials technology. Information about P/M part, powder and equipment suppliers, design guide, technical literature,seminars and conferences
The Sand Casting Process - (from Staffordshire University)
This guide on sand casting is to show the different stages of the casting process through all stages, from the design brief to the final assembly of the finished product.

  Rapid Prototyping Technology
Rapid Prototyping Association
The Rapid Prototyping Home page - from the University of Utah
Providing information and links relating to rapid prototyping, including studies, education and research on the various processes
Wohlers Associates
Information on rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, rapid manufacturing, reverse engineering
  Other Manufacturing Process Technology
Engineering in Rubber from Harboro
Free advice and help on rubber mouldings / materials including design and processing of all rubber materials.
Vision Systems Design
Online magazine for image processing and machine vision systems technology
Waterjet Web Reference
Waterjet and Abrasivejet guide. introductory and advanced topics, reference, discussion, software, buyers guide, pictures, frequently asked questions.

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