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Design a spring.
Look up thread data.
Specify an ACME thread, or a Buttress Thread.
Calculate spur gear data.
Calculate force and shrink fit allowances.
Convert units.
Pick a tap drill size.
Design an oring gland.
Check wrench clearances.
Understand surface finishes.
Find sheet gage thicknesses.
with LINKS
Gain technical knowledge.
Learn how to improve your design concept.
Join a discussion group.
Find material data.
Discover and buy a new book.
Learn a new manufacturing process.
Learn about finishes.
Perform a patent search.
Purchase a spec.
Find and sign-up for a free trade magazine.
Find a good seminar to attend. (Hawaii maybe?)
Discover new software.
Find a better CAD package.
Find a new supplier.
Order a prototype.
Get a quote for a custom part.
Find stock part data.

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