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Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
Services include vacuum casting and stereolithography.
Rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM machining, fabricated prototypes, vacupressure molding, aluminum castings, pre-production injection molding and complete model making services.
First Cut
Prototype CNC machined plastic parts.
Laser Reproductions
Rapid prototypes.
Morris Technologies
Prototypes in less than a week.
Peridot Inc.
Proto Edge is a diverse supplier located in Minnesota offering product development and outside help to product design engineers and mechanical engineers for development of prototypes and production parts. We convert your 3D CAD data into physical objects in a wide range of methods for metal and plastic components, assemblies, and tooling. Services includes CNC machining, wire EDM, cast urethane, metal casting, rapid injection molding, rotational molding, (DMLS), SLA, SLS, FDM, and beyond.
Low volumes of plastic injection molded parts.
Proto Technologies, Inc.
A rapid prototyping service bureau utilizing 3D Systems, SLA 500/40, CNC , and sophisticated urethane casting processes.
Prototype Casting Inc.
Rapid prototyping and production runs of 500 pieces or fewer per year in magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and zinc. Prototype Casting, Inc. can produce first article castings in as few as 5 days from receipt of pattern, or 7 days from receipt of 3D CAD file.
On-line source to purchase low-volume custom manufactured parts. On-line Instant Quotes using your CAD data right here on our Website. You upload your data, choose a low-volume production method, then instantly receive a binding quote. 
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Rapid Prototyping Corporation
Organization Specializing in Prototype Development.
Solid Concepts Inc.
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Our knowledge of stereolithography enables us to provide premium service and quality at very competitive prices.
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