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Ametek Inc.(Rotron Technical Motor Div.)
AMETEK Rotron Technical Motor Division's Commercial Brushless Products Group is a leading global supplier of brushless dc motors and blower systems for a wide range of applications.
API Motion
BOC Edwards
Vacuum pumps, leak detectors, scientific instrumentation
Baldor Electric Co.
Electric motors, AC motors, DC motors, adjustable speed drives, linear motors and more. Baldor Motors and Drives is a leader in the motors and drives industry
Masterflex and Manostat Peristaltic (tubing) pumps,  vacuum / pressure diaphragm pumps, Medical (surgical) irrigation pumps, chemical metering pumps.
Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.
Gearmotors, high quality off-the-shelf and custom designs through 3HP. 
Bodine Electric
Cincinnati Fan
Air moving devices, fans, blowers, motorized impellers, brushless DC fans and blowers, AC air movers for electronic cooling, HVAC exhaust and ventilating, telecommunication enclosure cooling from the world's largest supplier of fans and blowers for OEM applications
Small pumps, motors and dispensing pumps
Gast Manufacturing
Gast Manufacturing offers an extensive and versatile line of air-moving products : vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, and regenerative blowers
Globe Motors
Globe Motors is a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom subfractional motors and motion control devices.
Meeting your Fractional Horsepower Electric Motor needs.
Hansen Corp.
Precision electric motors, including Synchron, stepper, DC motors and AC motors
Hurst Manufacturing
A Division of Emerson Electric
KNF Neuberger
Diaphragm Pumps, Vacuum Pumps and Oil Free Compressors
Little Giant Pump Co.
Micro Mo Electronics Inc.
The Coreless Motor Technology Market leader. Fractional Horsepower Drives and Controls
Micropump, Inc.
Micropump Inc., the leader in low flow, pulseless, magnetic drive gear pumps for precision, leak proof metering in industry, OEM, laboratory
March Mfg.
Molon offers a complete line of custom sub-fractional horsepower motors which include: Shaded Pole Motors and Gearmotors, Permanent Split Capacitor Motors and Gearmotors, Heavy-Duty Reversible Induction Gearmotors, Custom Plastic DC Gearmotors, Linear Actuators and DC Gearmotors
MULTI-WING is the most extensive range of fan blades for virtually any air moving application
Pittman - Electric Motors
Division of Penn Engineering and Manufacturing Corp., designs and produces brush-commutated and brushless DC servomotors and gearmotors.
SAIA-Burgess Electronics
OEM switches, motors and controllers
Thomas Industries Inc.

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