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products include tool balancers, workstations and workbenches, cable and hose reels, festoon and multi-conductor systems
Universal Joints and Couplings
Bruce Plastics
Plastic handles, grommets, bumpers, feet & sports flooring, suction cups and more!
De-Sta-Co Industries
Clamps, specialty cylinders and other automation components for industry. Site includes resources for tooling engineers.
Caplugs, Div. of Protective Enclosures Co.
The Design Engineer's best resource for product protection: in-stock & custom protective caps, plugs & netting. View over 1000 products, download CAD drawings, request free samples.
Diamond Manufacturing
manufactures perforated components, holes, screens, mesh, guards, barriers, trays, grills, registers, and shields for a variety of industries
E-commerce distributor for the metalworking industry. Buy new and used machine tools, cutting tools, accessories, and tooling. Compare brands, order at great savings.
You'll find the machinery and machinetools you're looking for here! From CNC and metal working to used machinery, we are your complete online machine tool directory
Fenner Drives
Specializes in industrial power transmissions and motion control components.
Globe Electronics Hardware Inc.
Energy Chain Hose & Cable Carrier Systems
Harman Corporation
Dip molded products inventory consists of millions of parts in over a thousand different sizes.
Helical Products Company
Supplier of rotating shaft flexible couplings, U-joints, and precision machined springs
Heyco Products
Item Products Inc.
Supplies a wide range of industrial structures and components, including ergonomic workstations, linear motion systems, machine guards and bases, and clean room environments. Complete services including design assistance are availible. Visit our site for detailed info
J.W. Winco, Inc. Standard Parts
On-line catalog of miscellaneous handles , knobs, clamps, spring plungers, etc.
Kee Klamp
Kee Klamp fittings are clamps for joining tube and pipe to make tubular structures, guard railing, balustrades, barriers, fences, racking. Requires no welding, drilling, bolting, or threading.
You'll find the machinery and machinetools you're looking for here! From CNC and metal working to used machinery, we are your complete online machine tool directory!
Timing Belts
Newage Industries
Manufacturer of hardness testing equipment and of plastic tubing, hose, and fittings
Niagara Plastics
Plastic caps and plugs for protecting your products
Nye Lubricants
Specialized synthetic lubricants. Special formulations for gear and bearing applications
PIC Design
Pro-Dec Products Inc.
Fastener Covers. Pro-Dec Products, Inc. offers the best selection and variety of screw covers
Carefully made shaft collars, rigid shaft couplings, and flexible couplings
Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument
Sava Industries
Servometer - Couplings
Precision electroformed bellows and flexible shaft couplings
Hand tools, power tools, diagnostics, shop equipment and tool storage products for professional, industrial and home use.
Protective and decorative plastic products
Unistrut Corp.
Specialized systems which support ceilings, secure conduits and pipes to walls, support wall and ceiling mounted medical equipment, provide material handling and storage, and more
York Industries
Manufacturers of timing pulleys, pulley stock, flanges and suppliers of belts for synchronous drives

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