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American Precision Casting Inc.
American Precision Castings provides unique and innovative casting solutions for users of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc prototype and short-run engineered products.
Chicago White Metal Die Casting
Die casting of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and ZA-8 alloys. Design evaluation for optimized tooling and production; pre-production prototyping; advanced thin wall and vacuum casting technology, with in-house CNC machining and subassembly facilities. Also hot-chamber magnesium casting.
A one stop, full service die casting company
Zinc die-casting
Gibbs Die Casting
Aluminum extrusions and castings
Nest Technologies
Sand and ceramic casting process for highly complex metal parts for prototype and small production requirements, without the cost of die-cast tooling, long lead times, porosity or quantity limitations
PMI - Precision Metalsmiths, Inc.
Manufactures ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings up to 10 pounds in over 200 air-meltable alloys, solid mold and shell mold process.
Prototype Casting Inc.
Rapid prototyping and production runs of 500 pieces or fewer per year in magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and zinc.
Southwest Custom Sales
Custom castings for special requirements in most alloys using the casting method most conducive and economical for our customer's application
Stahl Specialty
full aluminum casting capabilities, heat treating, state-of-the-art production machining, steel fabrication, engineering and design, tooling, and complete quality control facilities.

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