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ACCES I/O Products
Designs and manufactures analog and digital Data Acquisition products for the industrial monitoring, control, and automation markets. IBM-PC compatible PCI- and ISA-Bus plug-in boards.
Data acquisition, PC boards, software, industrial PCs, rackmount computers
Agilent (HP Test and Measurement)
Automation Direct
Spec and purchase PLC's and electronics online
Capital Equipment Corporation - Data Acquisition, Analysis and Control
The ONLY place for Data Acquistion hardware and software, makers of TestPoint, GPIB and DataAcq components
High quality data acquisition, data loggers, control and GPIB hardware and software
Dataq Instruments
Computer-based Data Acqusition and Waveform Recording systems. Including WINDAQ Waveform Recording and analysis software
Data acquisition
Electronics manufacturing company that has four major product lines - DC/DC converters, data acquisition and conversion components, digital panel meters, and computer analog I/O boards
Fluke Corp.
Fluke Corporation, world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools that are rugged, reliable and easy to use.
Gage Applied Sciences
Data acquisition, digital oscilloscopes, instrumentation, test & measurement
ICS - Interactive Circuits and Systems Ltd.
Board-based data acquisition products
Develops, manufactures, and markets interfaces and data acquisition instruments
Keithley Instruments
Precision test and measurement solutions including PC plug-in data acquisition boards
LPTek Corp. Products
Data Acquisition Interface and Logging for Test Measurement & Control via Parallel Port
Microstar Laboratories
Data Acquisition Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PC-based, real-time data acquisition, digital signal processing, and control systems
National Instruments
Computer-Based Measurement and Automation
Omega Engineering
Leading manufacturer of process measurement and control products for the scientific, municipal and industrial markets including temperature, pressure, strain and force, flow and level, pH and conductivity/environmental, data acquisition and recording, and electric heaters
12-and 16-bit analog and digital I/O boards for ISA, PCI and PCMCIA
Racal data acquisition
Sealevel Systems Online
Data Acquisition: PCI and ISA Bus adapters, Windows COM: ports and board technologies
The Global Test and Measurement Center
United Electronic Industries, Inc.- PowerDAQ

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