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Ace Controls
Aerodyne Controls
Aeroquip Corp.
Automatic Switch Company (ASCO)
Solenoid Valves - Fluid Control/Power Products
BSA, Ball Screw and Actuator Co.
Manufacturer of pressure switches, temperature switches, directional control valves, and level control products. Serving both the OEM and MRO markets, Barksdale will custom design our products for your application.
Bettis Corp.
Bimba Manufacturing Co.
Bimba manufactures a wide range of pneumatic actuators in inch and metric models, including: Original Line stainless steel body air cylinders; Flat-1 stainless steel body air cylinders; Double-Wall NFPA-interchangeable air cylinders; Ultran magnetically-coupled rodless cylinders; Pneu-Turn rotary actuators; Linear Thrusters; compact aluminum-extruded cylinders; and flow controls
Bird Precision
Circle Seal Controls
Circle Seal Controls Inc. is a manufacturer of precision valves regulators and control systems for hydraulic and pneumatic industrial and aerospace/military applications.
Dynapar Brand-Danaher Controls
Counters, Timers, Encoders, Temperature & Process Meters
Industrial shock absorbers 
Electronic motion control products
Enidine provides energy absorption, vibration isolation and motion control solutions. Enidine offers a broad standard product line and the experience to develop custom solutions.
Fisher Controls
Flow-Rite Pinch Valves
The Flow-Rite Controls family of patented needle/pinch valves for use with flexible tubing is the first to combine the fine flow adjustment feature of needle valves with the ease of use and economy of pinch valves.
Foxboro Co.
Foxboro is the worlds premier supplier of automation systems, open industrial systems (OIS), process control, transmitters, instruments, valves, controllers, automation, measurements, environmental monitoring, software, we are renowned for our automation and process controls, plus extensive engineering and support services.
Pressure, vacuum and temperature switches.
Nook Industries
Parker Hydraulic Valve - Industrial Division
Hydraulic and electrohydraulic control valves
Parker Instrumentation Valve Division
Plug, Ball, Needle, Check, and Relief Valves
Parker-Hannifin Corp. (Pneumatic Div.)
Parker-Hannifin Corp. (Cylinder Div.)
Pow-R-Jac (Div. of Limitorque)
the company that makes valve control easier
Regulators and valves
Tyco Valves and Controls
Vickers, Inc.
Warner Electric Product Selection
Actuators, Ball bearing screws, Clutches, Brakes, Drives, Step Motors, Sensors

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