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Need a custom Wave spring, or the numbers on a stock Wave spring? Here's a great tool.


ID = Inside Diameter (in)
OD = Outside Diameter (in)
t = Material Thickness (in)
WPT = No. of Waves per Turn (-)
N = Number of Active Turns (-)
Lf = Free Length (in)
Lw = Working Length (in)
i = Increment (in)
E = Modulus of Elasticity in tension (Mpsi) (millions of psi)
(optional descriptive text for this iteration)
How to use this tool (tips)
(WPT Must be at least 2; and in 1/2 wave increments)

E values for some common wave spring materials (Mpsi):
--Carbon Spring Temper Steel-- (millions of psi)
SAE 1070-1090 30.0
--Stainless Steel--  
302, 316 28.0
17-7 PH 29.5
Inconel X-750** 31.0
Elgiloy* 30.0
*Trade name of Hamilton Watch Company
** Reg. Trademark Inco Alloys Int'l.

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