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Need a custom compression spring, or the numbers on a stock spring? Here's a great tool.


How to use this tool (tips)
d = Wire Diameter (in) TYPE of ENDS
OD = Outside Diameter (in) Open or Plain (not ground)
N = Number of Active Coils (-) Open or Plain (ends ground)
Lf = Free Length (in) Closed or Squared (not ground)
Lw = Working Length (in) Closed or Squared (ends ground)
i = Increment (in)
G = Modulus of Elasticity in torsion (Mpsi) (millions of psi) Name: 
(optional descriptive text for this iteration)

·NOTE: For conical compression springs see the bottom of the page.

G values for some Common spring materials (Mpsi):
Music Wire (millions of psi)
Up to .032" 12.00
.033 to .063" 11.85
.064 to .125" 11.75
.126 to .250" 11.60
Stainless Steel  
302, 304, 316 10.0
17-7 PH 10.5
420 11.0
431 11.4
Elgiloy* 12.0
* Trade name of Hamilton Watch Company

NOTE: for CONICAL compression springs:
Load and Deflection values will also apply to conical compression springs ONLY when:
·D = the average mean coil diameter (the OD input is the average coil OD)
·The deflection does NOT cause the largest active coil to touch the bottom coil (when this condition occurs, each coil must be calculated separately)

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