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Need to convert a hardness number? Use this tool to get the most common hardness values for steel. Also provides an approximate value for tensile strength from your hardness value.


Hardness Value = (enter the value you want converted)
UNITS Rockwell C-Scale
Diamond Pyramid Vickers
Brinell 10mm Standard Ball 3000 kgf Load
Brinell 10mm Hultgren Ball 3000 kgf Load
Brinell 10mm Tungsten Carbide Ball 3000 kgf Load
Rockwell A-Scale, 60 kgf Load
Rockwell D-Scale, 100 kgf Load
Rockwell Superficial 15 N Scale, 15 kgf Load
Rockwell Superficial 30 N Scale, 30 kgf Load
Rockwell Superficial 45 N Scale, 45 kgf Load
Shore Scleroscope
Check here if you have input a tensile strength (in psi) above and want to know what the estimated hardness is. Note that this will only be accurate for inputs between 110,740 and 245,000 psi

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