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Need a bolt torque chart? Create your own!


How to use this tool (tips)
YS = Bolt Material Yield Strength (psi)
ALLOW = Desired Load Level as % of Yield Strength *
K = Friction Factor (dimensionless)
D =
Diameter (inches) of Interest (optional chart addition)
N =
Threads per Inch for D Above (optional chart addition)

YS values for common bolt materials:
Bolt Material (psi)
SAE Grade 5: DIA = 1/4" thru 1" 92000
SAE Grade 5: DIA = Over 1" thru 1-1/2" 81000
SAE Grade 5: DIA = Over 1-1/2" thru 3" 58000
SAE Grade 8: DIA = 1/4" thru 1-1/2" 130000

* NOTE - 75% of yield is a commonly used load level in many published torque charts.
Friction factor values commonly used:
Bolt Surface (-)
Plain (Default) 0.20
Plated 0.15
Waxed 0.10

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