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Technical software link directory.  Including mathematical, statistical, 3D rendering, project collaboration and tolerance analysis. TECHNICAL SOFTWARE
Bill of materials management and product design collaboration software
DFMA: Design for Manufacture and Assembly Software
DFMA product design analysis and cost estimating software including DFA and DFM Design for Manufacture and Assembly DFS Service DFE Environment by Boothroyd Dewhurst.
Invention Machine
A computer-aided software engineering tool, that will contribute to solving engineering problems.  A brainstorming and concept generation tool.
Parts & Vendors
Part data management software.  Personal parts list manager software for engineers, designers and prototypers
Visio Corporation is the leader in best-selling software technology for windows-based business drawing and diagramming.

  Statistical / Mathematical / Plotting / Data Visualization Software
Advanced Visual Systems
AVS5 data visualization software
Data Description, Inc.
Data Desk statistical software
Golden Software
Makers of Surfer, Grapher, MapViewer and Didger Software
Enables you to define associative geometry and calculations using a single self-contained package. Then as you vary geometric or numeric design parameters - the solutions are updated interactively
JMP - Statistical analysis software from SAS
Graphing, Plotting, Statistical capabilities
Write complex mathematics easily with Scientific Word., WorkPlace. and Notebook. Publish mathematical papers and books (through LaTeX).
Maple V
Interactive computer algebra system that provides a complete mathematical environment for the manipulation of symbolic algebraic expressions, arbitrary-precision numerics, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, and programming.
Mathsoft is a provider of math, science and engineering software for business, research, academic and government markets
Fully integrated technical computing software, from Wolfram
A powerful interactive tool that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing and desktop publishing documents, web pages, presentations, and for TeX & LaTeX and MathML documents
An integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language.
Statistical software, training, and resources. MINITAB is a powerful data analysis package for quality improvement, DOE, Gage R&R, general statistics, statistical education, and more.
MuPAD - MacKichan Software
The Home of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook.  Makes creating mathematical documents easier. Write text and mathematics in your document without having to know a programming language or exit to an equation editor. Evaluate, simplify, solve and plot functions without needing to master a complex syntax.
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Industrial Strength Mathematical, Statistical, and Visualization Software
Origin Software from Microcal
Technical graphics and data analysis software for your plotting
Systat - SigmaPlot
Exact Graphs For Exact Science.  Now available through SYSTAT
Stat-Ease: Design of Experiments Specialists
Statistical software, training and consulting on design of experiments (DOE) for scientists, engineers and quality professionals
STATGRAPHICS by Manugistics
More than 200 powerful statistical analyses to choose from and a host of innovative features that make it an easy-to-use stats software package
High performance statistical software
Data management, analysis, and presentation of results. A superb interface, unique usability features and a wide range of statistical capabilities combine to make StatView the preferred statistical package for scientists, researchers and analysts
Engineering and scientific data visualization software and service to help engineers and scientists
TK Solver
Equation solving software for engineering, plastic gear design analysis, stress, mechanical, thermal, dynamics, statistics, machine design, math modeling, chemical, standards, and consulting.
A comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an Excel add-in
  3D Rendering, Simulation and Visualization
3-D Studio MAX
Systems and software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing and broadcast used in the creation of digital moving pictures for video. Also popular with designers and architects for 3D visualization and conceptualization. Products include 3D Studio MAX, 3D Studio VIZ, Character Studio, combustion, edit, effect, inferno, fire, flame, flint, frost, Lightscape, mental ray, paint, and smoke - The Computer Graphics Portal
3D Design and Multimedia Portal with Search Engine, News, Free Email, Forums, Chats, Online Store, Artists Gallery and Download Zone with Textures, 3D Models and Plugins.
ADAMS: Mechanical Dynamics, Inc.
Mechanical system simulations, kinematics, and dynamics software. Virtual prototyping for virtually anything that moves. Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. Engineering software and services.
Alias Wavefront
Hash, Inc.
Across-platform modeling, rendering and animation package that rivals high-end software costing thousands more.  Our remarkable software package, Animation:Master, includes everything you need to create high-end, professional-looking 3D rendered graphics and animations on your Mac or PC
From Bunkspeed - great new rendering software
Okino Computer Graphics
NuGraf Rendering System, and the PolyTrans 3D Data Translator/Converter
Working Model
MSC Working Knowledge, motion simulation software for engineering, visualization, and education, provides motion simulation and analysis software for models created in popular CAD programs including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop and Pro/ENGINEER.
  Tolerance Analysis
Dimensional Control Systems
3-Dcs Graphic Tolerance Simulation UG, Catia or stand-alone. Our Software Solutions range in scope and purpose from Graphical Variation and Tolerance Simulation Applications, which allow engineers and designers to see the effect of variation on their designs, to Graphical Data Reporting
Varatech Sigmund 3D Software
Tools for comprehensive tolerance analysis

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