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Engineering analysis resources.   FEA & CFD, it's all here. FEA & CFD SOFTWARE

  Resources and FEA/CFD Index Sites
CFD Online
A comprehensive link section, a jobs database and a discussion forum.
The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community, Promoting the safe and reliable use of finite element and related technology.  Offers FEA short courses

  Software Makers
HKS develops the ABAQUS suite of general-purpose nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) programs for mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, and related engineering applications.
AlgorAlgor Finite Element Design and Analysis and Mechanical Event Simulation software for Virtual Prototyping
ANSYS, Inc. partners with leading design software suppliers to develop state-of-the-art CAD integrated products
BEASY analysis and simulation software for stress and durability analysis, heat transfer, fatigue, crack growth, acoustic design, corrosion, cathodic protection, mechanical design, contact and wear.
CADRE Analytic
Structural, dynamic, vibration, shock and seismic analysis by the finite element method. Over 32000 nodes or elements. Automatic model generators including geodesics. Free download.
Consists of CAEFEM analysis software and FEMAP pre and post processor.
Products include: CAESAR II-pipestress, PV Elite & CODECALC - Pressure vessels, Tank - API 650/653, and CADWorx - Drafting/Design
The Software for Analysis and Design of Composites
A free open source system for finite element analysis.  Solve linear static and dynamic structural and thermal analysis problems
FEM Engineering with AFEMS
Solves linear or nonlinear partial differential equation systems in two or three space dimensions. Steady state, time dependent or eigenvalues. 3D domains are layered extrusions of 2D figures.
Flotherm (CFD)
Flomerics is the world leader in CFD-based thermal analysis of electronic systems and HVAC applications
Gidgen FEA and CFD Preprocessor
Pointwise, Inc. is a premier supplier to the engineering analysis community of grid generation software and services centered around the Gridgen software product
HyperMesh (Altair Computing)
Also makers of Motionview & Optistruct
Developed by Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), modeling and simulating the large deformation behavior of structures
This page contains information about lusas finite element analysis software products and related nonlinear, dynamics and thermal options
Plastics simulation used to design and produce optimal plastic parts.  Also known as C-MOLD.
MSC Family of Products
Including Nastran, Marc, Patran, Dytran, Construct, Fatigue, Thermal and more.
General purpose finite element analysis system suited for large models with complex physical behaviour.
 the suite provides quick and reliable answers to everyday engineering problems. Download a free demo for unrestricted two month use.
Pro / Mechanica
Software for analysis and design of structures
One of the leading CFD tools by CD adapco
Structural Analysis Software for Civil, Structural and Bridge Engineering
This is the home page of ESRD, Inc. makers of StressCheck®, a p-version FEA program that combines advanced technology with handbook convience. With StressCheck you are no longer confined to the steep learning curve of advanced FEA product.
TAK 2000
Windows based Thermal Analyzer System, created by K & K Associates.  "Thermal Connection" website also contains various thermal data and links
Developers of advanced thermal modeling, heat management and infrared analysis software for engineering design and analysis.  Free demos available.
TrueGrid(R): Quality Hexahedral Mesh Generation
An interactive 3D hexahedral mesh generation system for finite element, finite difference, and computational fluid dynamics simulation codes.
Zebulon, by NW Numerics
Free full-featured nonlinear FEA solver with many special abilities for materials-oriented analysis.

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