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The best way to keep a website updated is through continuous user input.  Please help us provide the best engineering resource on web by sending us link, content and format suggestions. > HELP BUILD THIS SITE

 iCrank is always looking for suggestions to improve this site.  Please feel free to suggest enhancements in format and/or content.   Constant updating to all of the site areas is necessary to maintain the highest level of value to you, the user.  E-mail any suggestions.

If you have a specific web site that you consider to be a valuable engineering resource, you can enter it into our search engine and directory.

We are also open to partnering possibilities. E-mail us if you would like to propose a link exchange.

We are especially interested in whether there is something you obtain from the web which is not represented by one of our current areas.  Currently we consider the following to be the most common web tasks performed by ME's: 
      • Researching a design code or specification.
      • Running design calculations.
      • Buying reference books.
      • Finding a vendor and researching their products.
      • Getting information about or from an industry organization.
      • Subscribing to a trade magazine or looking at their web site.
      • Downloading software patches.
      • Learning about trade shows and seminars
      • Communicating with colleagues.
What else do YOU use the web for?

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