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We've scanned the web for valuable shareware utilities of use to the Mechanical Engineer.  Browse the descriptions and download the programs you'd like to try.  SHAREWARE AND FREEWARE

Hot Selections
  • MathGV Extremely useful mathematical function graphing software.
 Index Sites
Martindale's Math Source
Links to various math related shareware
Martindale's Engineering Source
Links to various engineering related shareware

Conversion Utilities
Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions 
Unique converter with an extensive number of conversions
iCrank's own Online Conversion Factors for Selected Units
A table containing your most often used units conversion factors.  You'll also find a printable wall-chart here!

  Our Selections
EqFit 4.0 has a regression workbench to fit equations to your data. View the results using graphic plots and any of five statistical output reports. Graph residuals, 
calculated y values, probability, and more. You can print or save results to a file and use ASCII files to input data. Regression benchmarks are included to satisfy quality concerns. Also included are descriptive statistics to analyze a column of data.
BrainStorm allows you to first assemble all your information in any random order and then easily rearrange it into a logical structure. The final result is a highly organized hierarchy with multiple levels, all automatically cross-linked to related items.
Engineering Power Tools
An extensive suite, Engineering Power Tools is a library of engineering programs that can be used to quickly solve a wide range of commonly encountered engineering problems. 
  • Fast  -  Instant access to over 70 programs and data tables
  • Organized  -  programs are neatly catagorized with drop-down menus
  • Intuitive  -  standard graphic interface eliminates learning curve
  • Powerful  -  solves complex multi-step problems quickly with minimal input
  • Eliminates wasted time hunting for formulas and performing manual calculations
  • Networkable  -  Power Tools will work over your LAN from one central location
Read the help file that comes with the program for the complete picture.
Extremely useful mathematical function graphing software.  Tyoe in any 2D or 3D function(s) and get a plot in bitmap form.  Get this one while its still free!
Mechanical Toolbox (
Includes calculation modules for piping, flanges, material data, hardness data, wire gage data, wall thickness, units conversion, stress factors, and pressure drop. Read the Help file that comes with the program for a better picture.
Vinny Graphics
A graphing utility that includes regression analysis. Read the help file that comes with the program for a better picture.
iCrank Desktop Wallpaper
For the iCrank green "engineering pad" windows desktop: 
Download the file back60.bmp, place it in your windows directory and select it as your wallpaper (tiled).  For the best effect, go to control panel/display settings appearance tab.  In this tab, select the item: desktop and click the color setting.  Click "other" to set the color to the RGB value of R:231, G:247, B:214.  This will give the desktop icons the same background color as the desktop.

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