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A selection of seminars and educational courses that are worth the cost of admission.  Have extra money in the training budget?  Check these sites out. SEMINARS
ASME.ORG - Professional Development
ASME offers over 100 technical courses including Codes & Standards, Elevators, Piping, and Welding.
Boothroyd and Dewhurst:
Provides workshops and software in Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
California Institute of Technology Executive Education
Classes include topics on new product development and technology innovation.
CyberU School of Engineering
Online education and distance learning. Find any online class. Browse university courses and learning resources. Take career development and continuing education classes. Learn something.
Management Roundtable:
Provides classes and workshops the the product development process.  Great seminars in collecting the "voice of the customer" and new product definition.
PDH: Professional Development Hours.  This is a site where you earn professional development hours for your P.E.  You can earn them online by taking a web class and a test.  The site is offering one hour free by taking an online ethics class to see how their system works.
Continuing Education for Licensed Professionals.
Personal development seminars

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