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A complete listing of trade magazines of interest to the Mechanical Engineer, (only the ones that have free subscriptions available). FREE TRADE MAGAZINES
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Computer Graphics World Computer graphics professionals turn to Computer Graphics World to them decide which computer graphics products to purchase to make their job more cost effective...
Desktop Engineering For engineering professionals in all major manufacturing and process industries who use and specify the purchase of computer software and systems...
Electronic Products Reports on important developments in products and product technology...
MoldMaking Technology Is the only global information center for moldmaking tips, trends and technologies. ..
Control Delivers twice the market penetration in an editorial environment filled cover-to-cover with articles of importance to the process automation professional. ..
Design News America's Best-Read Design Engineering Magazine...
Control Design Delivers twice the reach of any alternative marketing channel, in an editorial environment filled with articles of importance to the machine builder professional. ..
EDN Magazine The single most comprehensive source of design techniques for engineers and engineering managers...
Machine Design Serves design engineers in the original equipment manufacturer, process and consulting industries...
Test & Measurement World The magazine for quality in electronics. Covers the electronics testing industry...
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A wide selection of free magazines that would appeal to an engineer. The top resource for free professional and technical research, white papers, case studies, magazines, and eBooks.
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Assembly Magazine
Design World
Flow Control
Fluid Power
Laboratory Equipment
Material Handling Product News
Medical Design Technology
Modern Machine Shop
NASA Tech Briefs
Plant Engineering
Product Finishing
Scientific Computing World

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